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  • Public Health 2014: Improving and Protecting Public Health

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  • Re: Can sharing better Data lower the cost of healthcare?

    Within the NHS there is a lot of really good work being undertaken to reduce the incidence of outbreaks and nosocomial infections, but we still work...

  • What Mental Capacity Act?

    Vulnerable adults are being failed by the Act designed to protect and empower them. Social workers, healthcare professionals and others involved in...

  • Dementia and Sustainability

    I have recently been involved in the design and upgrading of housing for elderly people and those with dementia. My work in the field of...

  • Re: Preventing Avoidable Admissions to Hospitals

    Resources available to liaise and build bridges between primary and secondary care services are being unceremoniously cut back to the hilt. Due to...

  • Re: Preventing Avoidable Admissions to Hospitals

    Age UK published a report recently showing the catastrophic situation many old people are in today. An estimated 800,000 frail old people cannot...

  • Early diagnosis

    The government is putting pressure on GPs to increase the number of patients diagnosed with dementia. But why? But there is no evidence that an...

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  • Leadership

    This was a very encouraging presentation. Finally, the nettle of "Prevention before Treatment"... MORE

  • Infection

    We have been using Dycem mats for many years outside our Opertaing room and also the NICU. The... MORE

  • Patient Care

    Interesting and alarming report from NICE. 'Black and Asian adults x6 and children x15 likely to... MORE

  • Patient Care

    Interesting. I wonder how they'll choose to address this issue? I'm also not sure which side I... MORE

  • Mental Health

    Listing, in order, my biggest stress generators:1. The British Government (DWP, MoJ)2. County... MORE

  • Mental Health

    The pressures of the outside world are clearly evident, but there's a number of ways we can... MORE

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